Coming Soon to No More Popcorn


September 29, 2010 by abbyo

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted here on the blog. I’ve been doing the job hunt thing, and my movie-watching in general has been a little slow of late. But Fall always gets me feeling inspired and productive, and in the spirit of that, I’ve decided to update this blog every Wednesday with a series of regular posts regarding different topics, with occasional other posts thrown in here and there. Here’s what I’ll be covering, starting next Wednesday:

“That Guy”: Inspired by this list I did for Scene Stealers a while back, this series will look at the careers of ubiquitous character actors — “That Guys” — and examine their most popular (and their most interesting) roles.

Nostalgiaville: These posts will be devoted to childhood favorites, particularly ones I haven’t watched as an adult. How do they hold up? I’ll be looking at how interpretations of children’s films vary as the audience gets older, as well as other factors like overlooked subtext, symbolism and aesthetics.

Plan 9 Cinema: This series will focus on movies that fall into the “so bad they’re good” category. And yes, before you ask, “Troll 2” and “The Room” are both on the list. Depending on how these posts develop, the series may be expanded to contain guilty pleasure movies.

The Non-Fiction Section: As you’ve probably inferred from the title, these posts will be about documentary films.

Shot-For-Shot: In these posts, I’ll be writing about film remakes. I’ll compare remakes to original sources and look at movies inspired by other movies, ones that may not be direct remakes, but borrow heavily from other films.

These posts will appear once a week, and will cycle. I’m not sure of the order yet, but keep your eyes on this space for continuing developments!


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