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November 14, 2012 by abbyo

Greetings, readers!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted much yet this month. There’s a reason. Or rather, reasons. My work responsibilities have drastically increased since September, which has made it increasingly difficult to find a regular time to watch a movie, write a review and post it each week. It’s possible that you’ve noticed (as I have) that a rushed schedule like the one I’ve been working with the last few months has also contributed to a decline in the quality of the writing on this blog. I don’t enjoy turning out less-than-excellent work, and I don’t enjoy the idea of my readers being disappointed in my posts, when they come.

These issues, as well as some other more recent personal developments, have caused me to decide that it’s best to (at least for the foreseeable future) change the format of the way I post on No More Popcorn. There won’t be regular weekly posts any more. However, because I also review movies for Kansas Public Radio (which will continue to happen), I have the opportunity to screen new releases before they come out in theaters. This is an advantage I hope to include in this blog as often as is possible. I’ll be posting a calendar of upcoming reviews so that you all will know what to expect, and when to expect it.

So, to recap: No more rotating reviews (with a few possible exceptions on Holidays, when there’s extra time, etc.), but instead you will get reviews on new releases, to be announced in advance of their publication here.

Here are the movies I plan to review here in the next couple of months:

Life of Pi–Nov. 21

Killing Them Softly–Nov. 30

Hitchcock–Dec. 7

Thanks for following the development of this blog over the last two years (Two years! Can you believe it?). It’s been a lot of fun to keep up, and hopefully, at some point down the road, I’ll be back to posting on a regular schedule.


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